Show notes

Episode 10

NXIVM (pronounced Nexium)


Celebrity Suicides (Hanging by the doorknob)


Anthony Bourdain (Celebrity Chef) – Openly criticized Hilary Clinton on multiple occasions and spoke strongly against globalisation, and wishes Henry Kissinger hurry up and get arrested. As mentioned last week he did that episode with Obama in a Vietnames restaurant and he went to film an episode in Haiti. A couple of tweets he did about Hilary Clinton and one month before his death.


Kate Spade (Fashion Designer) – Leads to allegations of Haiti, with the ‘No Ceilings Initiative of the Clinton Foundation’’. Why did her husband appear in public wearing a rat mask? Was it to let the public know his wife was going to rat on the Clintons? Or was it a sign to the other celebs not to rat? Apparently it was the mouse from the rescuers.(Movie was about Child kidnapping, and rescuing them)

Some interesting Andy Spade instagram posts: