Show notes

George Floyd was filmed in Minnesota getting arrested and then dying at the knee of a police officer. But what are the hidden stories behind this “live execution”? Which have resulted in riots all over the USA.

Some may say:

He was involved in money laundering:


He was a drug dealer:


He was in a porno:


He had drugs in his system:

Full autopsy report:

However, the facts are that Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are now back in the picture with a big funding package from George and Alexander Soros.


George Soros sending money to fund the riots

“The madison-based nonprofit has advocated for the release of all African Americans from jail and the defunding of police departments.:

All rioters, arsonists, and looters have been released from jail in St. Louis, Missouri, without facing charges thus far by city prosecutors.

Soros funded prosecutor.