Show Notes

Pedophile Island, Lolita Express, Celebrity Flight Log, Prince Andrew


 Jizz-lane being arrested. Connection with Madeleine McCann. The Rothschild family is a major protector of Maxwell’s affairs. Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail CD’s.


Little St. James Virgin Island,_U.S._Virgin_Islands


In 1998, Epstein acquired an island in the Caribbean, which would gain status as ‘Orgy Island’ or ‘Pedo Island’ (which is 20miles away from Richard Branson’s private Necker Island Epstein would go to having common high level visitors here where they will indulge in sexual activities with minors. There isn’t much shown at the island, it just seems like a normal holiday resort, however there is one building that is very interesting.


According to the plans, it is supposed to be a ‘music room’, with a strange structure. However, it looks too small to incorporate all the architectural aspects within. 


A lot of theories with this ‘temple’

 -It seems Epstein used to partake in Satanic Ritual Abuse in this discrete location.

-Just a lift that takes you to an underground lair.

Rusty Shackleford (drone footage of Island)


Epstein’s Flight Log

Epstein & Bill Clinton

Epstein was a major funder of the Clinton foundation. Bill Clinton allegedly travelled over 20 times on the ‘Lolita Express’, however Clinton claims he has never been to Epstein’s island. There was a rumor where Clinton was having an affair with Maxwell, however SRA and Orgy’s are technically not affairs as there multiple people involved. Also Maxwell was spotted at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.


Epstein & Harvey Weinstein

Harvey was Epstein’s ticket into the slimy depths of pedowood, it was a means to gain power in the industry, as Epstein used to con his ‘girls’ that Harvey would get them a job so they can appear in film and modelling, favour for a favour. Maxwell was quite the socialite as she would appear at Academy Awards after parties and would even appear together at Prince Andrew’s daughter’s 18th birthday party.


Epstein & Prince Andrew,_Duke_of_York

As mentioned last week, Prince Andrew was introduced to Epstein through Maxwell and was a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express. Virginia Giuffre stepped forward and stated that she had to sleep with Prince Andrew, via Maxwell’s helpful accommodation. Prince Andrew has been spotted on multiple occasions as a guest at Epstein’s properties. 


In an interesting 2019 interview with Newsnight, Prince Andrew stated that he has no recollection of ever meeting Virginia Giuffre and absolutely no memory of the photo taken with Giuffre and Maxwell. He also had a terrible counterargument, as Giuffre stated they were dancing and he was sweating profusely at a nightclub. His argument was that he can not sweat due to an  “adrenaline overdose” during the Falklands War.


The interview was described as disastrous and the biggest crisis in the royal family since Princess Diana’s death. Only last week the US prosecutors stated they want to question Prince Andrew, and now that Maxwell has been arrested, it isn’t looking good for Randy Andy.