Episode 20

JFK JR & The Q(anon) Movement



Kennedy Curse?

Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr – Killed in action during a WW2 patrol bombing run

U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas

U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, on the night of his victory in the California Democratic presidential primary

John F. Kennedy Jr. died when the plane he was piloting crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.


Father’s assassintation/CIA involvement/Why the would want him killed/ Bay of Pigs Invasion


Kennedy betrayed the CIA and the anti-Castro Cubans during the Bay of Pigs invasion by not delivering the promised air support; this resulted in many of the invaders being killed or captured; and it also resulted in the humiliation of the CIA. 

Soon afterward, Kennedy fired Allen Dulles as head of the CIA (he would later be appointed to the Warren Commission) and his chief deputy Charles Cabell for the bungling of the Bay of Pigs invasion. Kennedy also promised to “smash/splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces.”Kennedy promised Khruschev that there would be no further attempts to invade Cuba;  

Kennedy forcibly closed down American anti-Castro training centers, which had CIA links.his plan to cut the agency’s budget by 20 percent. Kennedy entered into a nuclear test-ban treaty with the Soviets, 

thereby confining his being “soft on communism.” And, just before his assassination, he ordered the withdrawal of 1,000 troops from Vietnam,

thereby threatening to cause the fall of the Vietnam “domino” to the communists.


It is not difficult to see, then, that, in the mind of the high-level, paranoid CIA official, Kennedy presented a real threat to “national security,”

 as the CIA defined that term — and that the nation needed protection from Kennedy’s “irresponsible” acts.


Bay of Pigs was named operation ZAPATA which is the name of George Bush’s oil company and the two ships were named Houston & Barbara, so he was part of the planning.

There is a connection with George Bush and the JFK assasination {tie in} (Jim Garrison uncovery of him being there during the assasination)


Possible Columbian connection ties back to Bush who was Director of Central Intelligence in 1976-1977

Medellín cartel/ Iran contra/Griselda Blanco kidnapping attempt. ?


On a trip to Rory Kennedy’s wedding.


He was planning on running for governor of New York in 2002, this would be his path to the white house, he had given up running for senate. 


The NTSB report lists his license and experience. An excerpt from the report follows. Also, pilot ratings are public record.


“The pilot obtained his private pilot certificate for “airplane single-engine land” in April 1998. He did not possess an instrument rating. 

He received a “high performance airplane” sign-off in his Cessna 182 in June 1998 and a “complex airplane” sign-off in the accident airplane in May 1999. 

His most recent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) second-class medical certificate was issued on December 27, 1997, with no limitations.


A copy of the pilot’s logbook that covered from October 4, 1982, to November 11, 1998, was provided to the Safety Board. 

The pilot’s most recent logbook was not located. The Board used the copied logbook, records from training facilities, copies of flight instructors’ logbooks, and statements from instructors and

pilots to estimate the pilot’s total flight experience. 

The pilot’s estimated total flight experience, excluding simulator training, was about 310 hours, of which 55 hours were at night.

 The pilot’s estimated experience flying without a certified flight instructor (CFI) on board was about 72 hours.”

eye witness reports on incident


Spatial Disorientation descending over water at night and flying experience. 

Facts: He had flown that same flight 17 times without a flight instructor and 5 times were at night. 

He also passed an instrument test on April 22nd 1998, he had a test where the plane was “crashing” and he recovered the aircraft he was given the conditions of spatial orientation

and recovered the aircraft with expert precision. He knew how to use autopilot he flew this route 17 times, he knew what he was doing. 


In regards to the weather that night. The FAA hired a specialist in Edward Meyer he studied the weather that night and concluded that it was fine there was nothing to cause spatial disorientation


JFK jnr took off at 8:39 pm, one hour into the flight at 9:39 pm he calls into air traffic control at Mother’s vineyard airport and tells them he’s about to land the aircraft

If there was anything wrong with him or the aircraft he would’ve mentioned in there, which he did not do. A few minutes later there was an explosion and people who were on the ground/beach (POSSIBLE MOSSAD ATTACK – BOTH BUSHES & MICHAEL HARARI & ANOTHER UNKNOWN FIGURE WITNESSED STANDING NEXT TO Jr’s CESNNA TWO DAYS BEFORE THE PLANE TOOK OFF)

witnessed this. The explosion was reported to be a flash of light and a deafening sound, JFK jnr was very thorough with his aircraft and would check it over obsessively

It was a Piper Saratoga , so the chance of it having a technical defect was slim to none. At the time a state of the art personal aircraft.


There was a huge blast radius, 17 nautical miles, there was luggage reportedly found on land indicating a breach in the cabin. 


Discuss his leg/painkillers issue


Now onto the bodies


That area is 100 feet of water. The water is relatively clear, not that deep. They knew exactly where his plane dropped of the radar and it took them 5 days to recover the bodies, they completely sealed off the area

during this time, no one was allowed in, not even the families of the victims. When the bodies were recovered it was unusual because they were almost instantly cremated, which goes against

the catholic religious standards the family upheld. 


Piper Seratoga had a rescue beacon, it is a high pitched sound that plays for 7 days after the event of a crash, ABC news with Peter Jennings on July 17th reported at 2:15 am that the coast guard and the navy

are closing in on this beacon, they reported the found the plane and then something unusual happens, the navy tells ABC & NBC news that it is not the Piper Seratoga it is infact a crash navy aircraft

and for some reason the news outlets just let the story go, just becuase it’s not JFK jr’s plane they don’t ask what would seem like obvious questions, like what the hell is that plane doing there?

Who was on that plane, what was its purpose, who is the pilot are they dead? For some reason the navy and the coast guards lied to give themselves more time. To possibly cover up the evidence of an explosion?


CIA seems to have made it their business to target the Kennedy family. As we get to 1999 JFK jr is going to run for governor with his sight set on the White House and try expose his father’s assisnation. 

Potentialy run against former President George W Bush.


Death of JFK JR


John F. Kennedy Jr. was a handsome, young upcoming political figure. He had been a New York attorney, journalist, and magazine publisher, but prior to his death, he had set his eyes on the seat of retiring Sen. Daniel Moynihan. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, had also targeted the position, and would move to New York in order to run for the seat.


Kennedy was extremely popular with New Yorkers. A New York Public Advocate by the name of Mark Green said the results of a private poll confirmed Democrats were hot for Kennedy. “He was by far the most popular Democrat in the state,” Green said, declining to reveal who commissioned the survey. “He had the highest favorable-unfavorable spread; 65% of Democrats rated him favorably and 10% rated him unfavorably.” Knowing Hillary Clinton as we now know her today, that must not have set well with the power hungry, political wanna-be.


The events leading up to the plane crash and the cause of its crash, have been controversial, stating Kennedy Jr was being sold as a “novice pilot”, although he had over 300 hours, enough to allow him to fly a commercial jet.


Although the skies were clear that fatal night, the media reported a cloud cover that could have prevented Kennedy from landing safely. Actual reports would show he had an 8 mile visibility. Witnesses that night also reported a “flash” in the sky before JFK Jr’s plane went down. A local news reporter and an attorney were two such witnesses. 


For reasons that would later become clear, a search for the missing plane was delayed for 5 hours, when President Bill Clinton would send out the equivalent of the Sixth Fleet to find the wreckage, hide it and the bodies from the snoopy media, and though JFK Jr was never in the Navy, and though the families did not consent, cremate the corpses, or evidence, and throw the ashes into the water in a quickly planned, elaborate, Navy funeral at sea. 


The Kennedy family was furious, New York was heartbroken…all evidence had been destroyed or burned by executive command. “She killed him, I know she did,” said a Kennedy staffer who asked to remain anonymous. The Clinton’s bought their home in New York, formed the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary won her Senate seat.


Such was the official story, which Q blew out of the water with a 15-word truth bomb in April 2018:




Plane crash 1999.

HRC Senate 2000.

The “Start.”

Enjoy the show.








To be sure, not even Q has dared claim so in public. But as the Daily Beast wrote, the cryptic author went conspicuously silent for several weeks in July. During Q’s absence, another mysterious prophet, named R (“R is the letter in the alphabet after Q,” the Beast explains), began to post on the same forum, claiming that JFK Jr. faked the plane crash and then began secretly working to put Trump in the White House and destroy the Clinton/Illuminati/vampire cabal.


In which case, not only is JFK Jr. a key player in the QAnon conspiracy, he is Trump’s secret 4chan spokesman — Q 


John Kennedy Jr. was rumored to have said: “If my dear friend Donald Trump ever decided to give up his fabulous billionaire lifestyle and run for president, he would be an unstoppable force for ultimate justice that Democrats and Republicans alike would celebrate” but the origin of this quote is unfounded.


John F. Kennedy Jr., 20 years ago, predicted the rise of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. In 1996, Berman said, Kennedy flew a select group of advertisers to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate after an industry conference in Florida.

Trump was in attendance at the smaller gathering. As frequently happened to Kennedy at his events, talk soon turned to whether he could envision himself running for president. Trying to deflect the presidential chatter, Kennedy noted that the Trump estate was far more glamorous than a Kennedy family compound a few miles away.


There is an inscription on the bell of JFK’s boat and it reads ‘where we go one we go all’ aka WWG1WGA – Q slogan



Also, on inauguration day. Melania Trump wore an outfit that tied to Jackie Kennedy’s famous blue dress and also gave the Obama’s a gift of tiffany blue box which is reminiscent to the boxes where they kept the ashes.


Who is the faceless man in the airplane?



Trump was also indirectly dropping Q responses via twitter, however he was coding his tweets such as:


Covfefe: ‘Communications Of Various Feeds Electronically For Engagement’ to permanently archive all of a president’s social media posts, including tweets from any personal non-governmental accounts used during their term(s) of office. It would add the phrase “any personal and official social media account” to the Presidential Records Act of 1978.

Ham-berders: ‘People who are below the devil and commit acts that the devil would consider evil’

Smocking-Gun: ‘Body painting for sexual gratification’ (reference to John Podesta and Valerie Jarrett)


George Magazine Feb 97’ Edition



Is JFK JR, Vincent Fusca



Vincent is a person of interest who has been spotted and identified at many Trump events and has even been spotted behind President Trump while giving speeches with a women who resembles Carolyn Bissette Kennedy. He is a devout Trump supporter, who sells Trump memorabilia, and is known for his Trump van, which is highly adorned with President Trump advertising.


Vincent Fusca’s name in Latin: Vincent derived from the Latin name Vincentius, meaning: “conquering”

Fusca meaning in Latin: adjective

Definitions: dark, swarthy, dusky

“Conquering Dark” or “Darkness”


Fusca doesn’t have a past or family tree (interesting) and he tends to wear a fedora, ties back to JFK wearing them. Here are some comparisons with JFK JR and Vincent Fusca.