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22/820 – Episode 22 – Who Really Controls Australia? Hidden Secrets?

Beta testing for the world wide plan

Australia is on the way to being completely owned and will then be completely operated by China and other counties. We have already lost 90% of our industry! We will then be forced to live in ‘Smart Cities’ being controlled and monitored. Sound like a CONCENTRATED CAMP? With a combination of a man made drought and the recent fires from hell, people have to move into cities. All in line with the Agenda 21 plan.

Do you think all our land and water being sold and restricted from us was all part of this ‘Sustainable Plan for Australia?’ Are we going to be ‘The Food Bowl for China and the rest of the world’. Look around our water is being sold, controlled and restricted from us. Australia is very obviously the first country that is furthest along in this global plans’ development.

The fires in early 2020 may have something to do with the ‘In Progress’ status of the transport section which by coincidence needed to be clear for a new high speed train line, which needed to get signed off for one of the sustainable goals of Agenda 21 which was signed by the Prime Minister of the time Paul Keating.

Darwin, a strategic Port be allowed and have the approval of our federal government to get signed off on a 99 year lease by our government? Then we look to our neighbours in Vanuatu and other pacific Islands and the same thing is happening there.

The people that are in positions of power have been working this plan to take away all of rights and freedom for many, many years now. They have taken away our right to bare arms (guns) which was designed by their ‘orchestrating’ the Port Arthur Massacre, which resulted in the federal government announcing that all states and territories of Australia restricted the legal ownership and use of self-loading rifles, self-loading shotguns, and tightened controls on their legal use by recreational shooters. The government initiated a mandatory “buy-back” scheme with the owners paid according to a table of valuations. Some 643,000 firearms were handed in at a cost of $350 million which was funded by a temporary increase in the Medicare levy which raised $500 million.

Have you heard of Pine Gap? It’s a huge secret military base called a D.U.M.B (meaning Deep Underground Military Base) that was completely funded by the United Nations and is partly run by the CIA and the NSA.


Think back just over a year ago to June 2019. Three warships from China just cruise into Sydney Harbour UNANNOUNCED. Our country ‘leader’ does nothing, Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia  is part of the Australian Fake Government. John Morrison, Scott Morrison’s father was a police officer and is also a Freemason Demolay. It has been proven he is part of the Paedophile Freemason Demolay club that has been running all aspects of Australia. This ‘government’ has been in control since The First Fleet arrived in Australia. Scott Morrison is 100% part of this evil club. Now, our ‘government’ go from selling 90% of our industry including farms, water, leasing our most ‘strategic ports’ to China. 

This week Scott Morrison’s announcement shook a few spectators, as he stated that the Australian Government has ‘made a deal’ with Oxford University (Which is funded by Bill Gates) that when the vaccine is ready, he is willing to give a free jab to the Australian public. He has a plan which would like to see 95% of the country get the vaccine, however, he has stated that it isn’t going to be mandatory, but did mention he is going to ‘incentivize’ the people getting it. There is some speculation that he will cut welfare payments for people who are currently on/or receiving pension and centrelink payments and also banned people from overseas travel if they don’t get immunisation. When a radio announcer asked if he is worried about the backlash from the people, his response was ‘not necessarily, I am used to it as I am the one that introduced the 2015 no jab, no pay act’, (which assists families with government payments for vaccinating their children).


Australia was built of Freeemason lodges after the first fleet arrived on HMS Sirius. Sydney and Melbourne has Freemasonry/Illuminati symbolism on just about every street, as there have been elite families who have then resided there. There is a massive tunnel system under this symbolism.So what they do is build a capital city right in between the two main cities.  Canberra was designed with symbolism in mind and at Parliament house it is everywhere! What’s the bet there is a tunnel system under Canberra too? Canberra is close to Melbourne and close to New Zealand. New Zealand, known as one of the main suppliers of Adrenochrome  in the world. Very clever with their selected locations now aren’t they. Well now, that explains how Jacinda Ardern, the current Prime Minister of New Zealand got her gig! Her ‘Freemason Controller’ was the previous PM, Helen Clarke. PM from 1999 – 2008. A lesbian pedo in a cover marriage with a hommosexual pedo.


Hillsong founder Frank Houston, who is the pedophile in this whole scenario, Frank Houston abused a bunch of children from New Zealand to Australia. One victim who spoke out was Brett Sengstock, Brett was abused as a 7 year old child from 1969, over several years in Sydney until he reached puberty. This took place in his family home as his parents were devout followers of Frank Houston and considered him to be like the Pope they offered their home to him whenever he ventured to Australia from New Zealand for his preaching trips. There’s a whole internal struggle within the AoG about allegations that Frank sexually abused some kids, which Frank vehemently denies. Frank tries to bully those accusing him “Philip Powell” and threatens legal action. Brett Sengstock’s mother who was told of the situation by Frank when he was 16 initially quelled her son’s allegations but 20 years later in 1999 she decided to inform her local Pentecostal priest of the crimes committed by the Hillsong founder Frank Houston.

Rumours started circulating of Frank’s “moral failure” as they put it (i.e. Sexually assaulting a child). Royal commission begins looking into Brett Sengstock’s claims. Then a whole fuckery of coverup is uncovered by the AOGA (Assemblies of God Australia), The AOGA at the time was headed by Frank Houston’s son, Brain Houston. Frank tried to pay off his victim as a form of “compensation”. Brian confronts his father about the allegations put forward where Frank admits to his indecent acts, which then starts the coverup of moving Frank around to another church and not reporting it to the police where he would later retire and receive his pension.  

Frank Houston’s serial pedophilia was the first criminal case, a case which never was brought before the civil authorities. Brian Houston’s conflict of interest in the mishandling of his father’s confession was, and is, the second criminal case.

However, another criminal case of conflict of interest down under just may be brewing, the conflict of interest of a Police Commissioner with well-known ties to the subject of a now official investigation.

We’ve reported on multiple occasions the danger inherent in the false, prosperity gospel theology of Brian Houston and Hillsong. We’ve reported on the deceptive, soul jeopardizing influence of Hillsong’s music empire, and soon to hit the big screen movie debut. But those theological abuses are not merely the only bonafide problems with Houston and Hillsong.

He’s also now accused of a shady cover-up to withhold criminal information from authorities of the pedophilia perpetrated by his “hero” father. And now, the guy who’s supposed to investigate those charges may himself be tainted by too much association with his hip, jet-set preacher pal.

Scott Morrison’s father was a NSW police officer. Scott Morrison lives next door to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller. The Child Abuse Royal Commission recommended the NSW Police prosecute Brian Houston for covering up Frank Houstons pedophile crimes. But something stopped the NSW Police from doing this. Was there political interference in the police prosecution of Brian Houston? Did the Prime Minister call upon his mate Mick Fuller to interfere in the arrest and prosecution of Brian Houston?

Scomo mates with Brian Houston, who he considers a “mentor”.,12123, this fucking Scomo momo even went to the legnth of including this pedophile protector on a potential antendee list to the white house.

The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has finally confirmed that he asked the Trump administration to invite the Hillsong pastor Brian Houston to a state dinner at the White House, after refusing for months to answer the question and deriding the story as “gossip”.

Speaking on 2GB radio on Tuesday, Morrison said that he had known the Hillsong leader for “a long time” and had included his name on a list of potential guests that was ultimately decided by the White House.

“On that occasion, we put forward a number of names that included Brian, but not everybody whose names we put forward were invited,” Morrison said.

Murder of Helen Karapidis

Hillsong members on Epstein’s black book

Royal Commission of the case of pedofilia

China/Australia Relationship

Does Australia Still Need China? 20-30% of our exports go to China, our Universities rely on Chinese students. China is also our biggest tourist market. The real question should be when does China stop needing Australia. At the moment Australia is very important to China because of our supply of raw materials. China will reach a point where it no longer needs Australia.

Did you know that the then and current Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews made an agreement in 2018 with the CCP leader Xi Jingping? Daniel Andrews the Victorian Premier of Victoria. Grew up in the Freemason Demaly family. Been a leader on ‘all sides’ of politics for years. Born, lives and leads the oldest Cabal City in Australia. What was the plan here? Was it just about a Telecommunications deal with China? In addition to Victoria stating it has not and would not enter an agreement with China over a telecommunications project, federal legislation passed in 2018 giving the federal government veto power over telecommunications infrastructure partners effectively bans Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE from working on 5G and other similar projects in the future.

Belt & Road Initiative(, effectively making China the centre of the Global Economy. The US is currently the centre of G.E taking over Great Britain after WWII.  Debt trap

Nick Zhao

A luxury car dealer, who reported to Aus authorities that he had been approached by Chinese Figures saying that they would fund his election campaign for the state of Chisholm, then he was found dead in a motel room, and they aren’t sure how he managed to die.  

Pymble freezer death

We have to recognise China has an ambitious agenda, China looks at its people living overseas as loyal to the Motherland. In Political Science there is a theory that when a society gets richer the society becomes more democratic, this does not seem to be the case in China. As the nation becomes wealthy and lifts many more people out of poverty it has not flowed through into a relaxation of the communist party of its control over society. 

E.g. of how China is systemically “buying Australia”

Politicians in the pay of the Chinese? Australian politicians who retire and go and work for Chinese companies. 

Maybe briefly mention Trump trade war with China? (Two biggest economies going head to head, China stealing intellectual property/ restricting foreign investment )

Bill Clinton campaigned to get China admitted to the World Trade Organisation, it has been a one way street for China.

Zions =

Dark MOFO Festival

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