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Episode 24
Fall of the Fed, Global Recession, Battle of Gold and Crypto

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” – Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Federal Reserve

The federal reserve was launched in 1913 designed as a similar structure of the central bank of England. As we know, England was the economic power of the world pre-WW2, so what better way to structure a central bank than the one of England at that time.

One Nelson Aldrich, was the financial expert of the setup of the Fed, who have ties with banking persona’s such as John Rockefeller and JP Morgan, who helped his agenda in this setup, by copying the structure of the British and European central banking system which was predominantly controlled by the Rothschilds and the Vatican Banking System controlled by the Jesuits. A big meeting was set at Jekyll Island in 1910 for a means to decide a way the elite can bypass the constitution through a loophole to adopt the way of creating a privately owned central bank in the USA, because as we know the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional.

Three men supposedly opposed the formation of the Federal Reserve. They were lured to the Titanic’s maiden voyage in the spring of 1912. John J. Astor (who may have been the richest man in America at the time). Benjamin Guggenheim (heir to the Guggenheim mining empire), Isa Strauss (founder of Macy’s department store in New York).
With the main opposition now dead, the Federal Reserve was created by an act of Congress in December 1913.


The Federal Reserve a privately owned company came in and started printing “fiat” paper money, and then started charging maximum interest on loans which they then ‘lended’ it to the working class person and banked up major coin doing so, got its ‘owners’ to therefore start buying the worlds gold and shares to control its economy.

“US dollars” are what is known as “fiat currency.” It is money that is issued without anything tangible backing it up. Fiat currency has collapsed every economy in which it has ever been used, because it is structurally doomed to fail. Look at it this way: If you print $1,000 but expect back $1,100 through interest payments, you will never be able to get back to square one—you’ll just have to keep printing money until that money is worthless.

However, this problem of fiat currency and inevitable inflation was not caused by the Federal Reserve Act. It was caused when President Richard Nixon took the USA off the Gold Standard in the early 1970s. Since then, US dollars actually have been the equivalent of worthless paper.

10 Real Federal Reserve Conspiracies That Are Stranger Than Fiction

The Fed has so much of the world’s gold in their vaults, as people found it a safe haven and a trustworthy source of keeping the gold, while its playing the world for their own benefit. So, it is fair to say the strongest cartel of the world is not the drug or trafficking but the banking cartel.

Two presidents of the USA who had plans to revolt the Fed both ended up in fatal circumstances. Abraham Lincoln was the first, who had a plan to make his own debt free money system known as ‘greenbacks’ to bypass the federal reserve, and he printed $400 million worth of greenbacks (which was independent of international banking control).

“If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.” – The London Times.

The British were concerned about this which led them to fund the confederacy. Before Lincoln’s assasination, one John Wilkes Booth spent time in the confederacy’s capital Montreal and had proof that he was funded by one Joseph Simeonds. Once assassinated, all monetary means were restored to the Fed.

JFK was next to gamble the opportunity to trade federal reserve notes for silver certificates under the executive order 1110 to have the treasury rule over the fed, to take power over the international banking cartels. 6 months later JFK was assassinated and his move against the fed was reversed shortly after his death, by the next POTUS LBJ. Was he afraid of the banking cartel or merely a puppet.

Who Really Assassinated Abe Lincoln And John F Kennedy

In early 2020, Trump nationalises the federal reserve bank takeover by the treasury. Will he use his power as president to introduce NESARA? The National Economic Security and Recovery Act was a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax, abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy. The proposals were never introduced before Congress.

NESARA was due to be announced on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10:00 am, but the cabal blew up the World Trade Center buildings at 9:00 am to prevent it. “The dark forces are fighting tooth and nail to prevent even the awareness of NESARA, much less its implementation, and, at this point, delaying the announcement that must by law precede enactment of the widespread provisions is the only weapon left to them.

“They have been successful thus far in achieving delays by many means: assassinations of influential people who favor initiating the provisions without delay as well as others actively working toward this end; death threats to the families of light workers and to the workers themselves; double-agents within the ranks of the light workers; and terrorist assaults. The US internal terrorist act of September 11, 2001, was the most dramatic of these tactics.” The gold which backed the new currency was stored in the WTC towers and stolen by the cabal. Building 7 was the center of operations for 9/11 and was destroyed after the operation was complete.

Global Recession/Economic Reset/Gold and Crypto

It seems this whole coronavirus pandemic was a way to commence the ‘great reset’ to crash the economy to start back up with the new world orders agenda of how they want things to run and to completely obliterate the use of cash as saying it can cause covid transmission and we need everything to be digital to reduce the possibility of any community transmission within the environment. By not having cash and by having all the banks involved in this master plan, they can compromise Bill Gates’ idea of ID2020 as a digital wallet to combine it with vaccine certificates. Therefore, controlling the herd by saying things like ‘what, you don’t have a vaccine, okay we will cut your funding until you get’, because remember the banking cartel all links up to one elite party.

It seems that his agenda has been prophesied in the past. The chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (owned by the Rothschild family) once stated, ‘Paper currency encourages violent crime by making robbery pay off and drug dealing and illegal immigration profitable; by giving criminals an easy to use means of payment’. So they are saying that they want to get rid of cash so they can reduce criminal activity, (which is strange as cryptocurrency seems to be doing all sorts of criminal activity on the deep web), it seems they are the biggest criminals of them all.

Bitcoin has big ties to Bilderberg has ties to the NSA, the core developers formed a company called block stream, Block stream got their initial funding from a company called AXA. AXA is a big French insurance company the head of AXA is Henri de Castries who is a multiple Bilderberg steering committee chairman of Bilderberg. So his company has put like 90% of the initial money into Block stream who then got to code Bitcoin. Also the NSA had a white paper called the NSA paper 1986 “how to make a mint the cryptography of anonymous electronic cash”. So crypto can be used as the most freeing thing for humanity or it could be used to enslave us.

No matter what it is going to go digital, >90% of cash is already digital. The former chief legal officer of Coinbase is left one of the biggest crypto currency exchanges to become the head of the U.S. office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
The OCC is an independent bureau within the United States Department of the Treasury that serves to regulate, and supervise all national banks and the federally licensed branches and agencies of foreign banks in the United States.

Coinbase has Goldman Sachs ties as well, so eventually it looks like the plan is to create this Goldman coin where they can track/trace and survey everything you do. “The digital mark of the beast” per se. Look at the proposed Chineses government coin. AKA FEDCOIN

China’s new central bank-backed digital currency termed DCEP. China is working on digital currency, the main benefits would be to replace fiat cash with a layer of traceable digital cash, ingesting another layer of data into the fearsome data machine that powers both government monitoring and the domestic machine learning industry.
Social Credit/5g/IOTA/Smart Grids.

The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Over Current Fiat Currency Tech
Central governments can’t take it away!
Remember what happened in Cyprus in March 2013? The Central Bank wanted to take back uninsured deposits larger than $100,000 to help recapitalize itself, causing huge unrest in the local population. It originally wanted to take a percentage of deposits below that figure, eating directly into family savings. That can’t happen with cryptocurrency/bitcoin. Because the currency is decentralized, you own it. No central authority has control, and so a bank can’t take it away from you. For those who find their trust in the traditional banking system unraveling, that’s a big benefit.

Identity Theft: When you give your credit card to a merchant, you give him or her access to your full credit line, even if the transaction is for a small amount. Credit cards operate on a “pull” basis, where the store initiates the payment and pulls the designated amount from your account. Cryptocurrency use a “push” mechanism that allows the cryptocurrency holder to send exactly what he or she wants to the merchant or recipient with no further information

Access to Everyone. Lower Fees. Most Important: You Own It.

Crypto Stablecoins Are Printing Almost As Fast As The Fed

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