Episode 32

Post Election Recap


Dr. Steve Pieczenik, discusses QFR blockchain on ballots to help identify fraudulent ballots.


Forensic Accountants / “Benford’s Law and the Detection of Election Fraud” 

Forensic Accountants can conduct mathematical probability and the likeliness of certain outcomes. There are also tests that can be conducted to determine fraud. In this case the voting numbers and race patterns for Joe Biden are indicating Election Fraud.

This is the Document on Accepted Test for Catching Election Fraud


Joe Biden the wordsmith





Nevada GOP Announces ‘At Least 3,062 Instances of Voter Fraud



Edward Snowden tweet in 2019 regarding ballot machines




The strongest arguments are the anomalies. Never before has an incumbent won ohio and florida, then lost. Never before has an incumbent had over 90% primary win, then lost. Never before has an incumbent had MORE popular votes in their second run, then lost. Never before has a midwestern state experienced record gun sales, then voted democrat. Add in the strange data Dr Shiva exposed that looks an awful lot like an algorithm applied to Biden’s votes, the “over 100%” voter turnout in dozens of areas, and it is very suspicious. Either it was the greatest direct mail campaign in history, or there was a combination of algorithms and trashed Trump ballots to give sleepy joe biden, who almost got primaried by bernie, the highest popular vote in history, at 4am, with his best performance taking place in democrat strongholds within the swing states he was losing.

I imagine if all the states had to keep quiet about their results until all the results were in, then reveal their results simultaneously, it would have been a trump landslide, or the insane fraud would have overshot so far they would have been exposed blatantly.


Dominion voting system.

Dominion Voting Systems Corporation is a company that sells electronic voting hardware and software, including voting machines and tabulators, in the United States and Canada.


Dominion is the second largest seller of voting machines in the United States. In 2016 its machines served 70 million voters in 1,600 jurisdictions.In 2019, the state of Georgia selected Dominion Voting Systems to provide its new statewide voting system for 2020 and beyond


Eric Coomer, He is a VP at Dominion Voting Systems . He is in responsible for the security of the Dominion voting system and is anti Trump to the extreme. 



Dominion whistleblower: (Food trucks used to deliver and dump ballots in key swing states)



To begin our examination of the Dominion-Democrat connection, we start at the top with ownership and leadership. 2014 saw Dominion Voting partner with the Clinton Foundation on the DELIAN project which aimed to address the issue that “emerging democracies suffer from post-electoral violence due to the delay in the publishing of election results.” A year later, Dominion donated between $25,000 and $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation. In 2018, Dominion was acquired by members of its management team and Staple Street Capital. At the top of the board of directors of Staple Street sits William Kennard, Ambassador to the EU under Obama and FCC Chief under Clinton. Both co-founders of Staple Street Capital, Stephen Owens and Hootan Yaghoobzadeh, previously worked in senior leadership for the Carlyle Group. The group’s major investors have included George Soros and the Bin Laden family.

When determining the political leanings of an organization, one can examine individual contributions to obtain part of the picture. During the past election cycle, Dominion employees made 92 contributions, 88 of which were to Democrat organizations and the remaining four for President Trump all originating from one person (Diedra Lazenby). With the exception of Mykale Garret (whom we will address later in depth and whose level of access is unknown), all Democrat donors would have direct access to the voting software according to their job description on their LinkedIn profiles:

Mykale (Kelly) Garrett presents the most interesting case of entanglement between Dominion and the Democratic machine. During the past year, Ms. Garrett made four donations to ActBlue. According to her LinkedIn page, Ms. Garrett worked for Dominion from May 2017 to November 2019 while she simultaneously served as mayor pro tem (until November 2017), mayor (November 2017-current) and city council member (November 2011-current) in Lathrup Village (located in Oakland County), Michigan. As her location while employed with Dominion is listed as remote, one cannot say where her work occurred or even why she held the position with her concurrent responsibilities in two government jobs. Immediately after leaving Dominion, she became deputy director of the Oakland County Michigan Democratic Party, a title she held until May 2020.

Oakland County may sound familiar due to it being the site of the most notable computer “glitch” in the recent election where several thousand absentee votes were discovered to have been counted twice. A total of 6133 of 38792 (15.8%) votes were double counted and initially resulted in a victory of 104 votes for the Democratic candidate. After correction, the Republican candidate secured a victory of 1127 votes.

While nothing contained in this article proves any direct evidence of fraud, it demonstrates potential motive and opportunity and provides connections between a controversial voting machine company and a democrat balloting apparatus, both of which find themselves at the center of attention for lawsuits and challenges to November voting results.






What to expect?
Basically if there aren’t enough certified elections to give either candidate the 270 Electoral votes required by Dec 14th then it goes to House delegation. Where each state has 1 vote. There are 29 Republican states vs 21 Democrat states, thus Trump wins if he can either tie things up in the courts till then or prove fraud to flip states back into his pocket.