Episode 35

Year in Review



With traditional vaccines a small, attenuated amount of the virus is cultured in a lab and then injected into patients. This gives the patient’s immune system a chance to come in contact with the virus’ protein signature, but in a safe, controlled way and then your body produces antibodies for that specific virus. So the next time your body encounters that virus protein signature, it knows what to do and already has antibodies ready to go.

All your common vaccines work on this method. Your immune system simply gets to “sample” the virus without being fully infected with it. This allows it to prepare antibodies to fight it off if your body ever encounters it again.

But with the new covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer, it works by a completely new mechanism, and one that has never before been used.

The new Pfizer vaccine is an mRNA based vaccine. An mRNA vaccine works by using mRNA (stands for messenger RNA) which once injected, invades your body’s immune cells and reprograms the ribosomes within those cells to produce virus molecules. When these virus molecules are released, your body’s immune system can then detect them, and hopefully build antibodies.

But as you can see, this is a totally different mechanism from a traditional vaccine, and also somewhat scary. Instead of just injecting you with a weak form of a known virus, this vaccine actually reprograms your own cells at the genetic level. The vaccine interrupts your cell’s own function and injects new genetic instructions so they become factories for the virus molecules.

That’s my understanding too. Your body uses the mRNA as ingredients to build the antigen.

The natural process in your body is that your DNA creates mRNA which your cells then use as instructions to create proteins. In this process they have selected a mRNA that is expected to create a protein that acts as the antigen.

This is basically a different set of instructions for your body to use.





   -Covid Relief Bill



$40.4M is going to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts $154M is going to the National Gallery of Art $1B is going to the Smithsonian Institute $14M is going to the Woodrow Wilson Center $167M is going to the National Foundation of Arts/Humanities $202M is going to a program to update the Concussion Bureau Program $193M is going for federal HIV/AIDS workers

It gets better:

$33M is going to Venezuela $453M is going to Ukraine $135M is going to Burma $85.5M is going to Cambodia $1.4B is going to the “Asia Reassurance Act” $130M is going to Nepal $700M is going to Sudan $1.3B is going to the Egyptian Army $3.3B is going to grants for Israel

And $10M for a gender program in Pakistan.

Trump comes out and addresses the issue in Xmas speech. However no mention of the funds getting sent to Israel, the angle of Trump being a mossad puppet. 

From the very beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign for U.S. president in June 2015, Ultra Zionist Michael Glassner has worked as the campaign’s national political director. Glassner formerly served on the American Israel Public Affairs Commmittee (AIPAC), one of Israel’s biggest Zionist lobbies in Washington. If that weren’t enough, Glassner was the one responsible for privatizing the World Trade Center lease shortly before 9/11, for the benefit of Larry Silverstein who profited in the billions from the demolition of the towers. Trump told MSNBC what he thought of Silverstein, his fellow New York real estate tycoon.

DONALD TRUMP: “Larry Silverstein—he’s a great guy, he’s a good guy, he’s a friend of mine.”

Wall Street is demanding Trump sign the COVID relief bill as is.