Episode 43

Astrazeneca Vaccine & Tracking

Before we jump back up in the juicy orb of this whole covid fiasco let’s just take a minute to think about how much money some companies are fucking making in these desperate 0.016% death rate pandemic scamdemic. Firstly, the pharmaceutical companies have banged in a shitload of profit with all the mineral water they’re sending all around the world, but also multiple medical institutes getting government funding for testing clinics. There is also the business and technology side who have also made a shitload of money, making chungus profits with new apps and contraptions that are covid friendly and helpful to the pandemic.

It should be no surprise to you that this COVID pandemic, whether you believe it to be fake or real, has been used as a Trojan horse by the various powers that be around the world as a way to shoehorn various rules & regulations into effect. Various rules and regulations that under normal circumstances wouldn’t fly, but the fear of a pandemic has allowed this shit to pass without much duress or uproar from the general public.  One example we can point to is Victoria, they have just extended their state of emergency until december, it gives the state government the power to mandate face coverings, require workplaces to have a COVIDSafe plan and force an imposed quarantine. 

We also previously touched on how smartphones have pushed software updates since the outbreak that track you for “COVID exposure” and this is a “feature” that seems to be sticking around regardless of what happens with COVID, it’s an additional aspect of control that has been implemented that will never be relinquished. 



A couple of interesting nuggets of info concerning Astrazeneca that most people should consider, 

Before proper testing has been completed – even before the release of the phase 1 studies – AstraZeneca announced 2 billion doses of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine will be developed by them after a $750 million deal with charities backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

AstraZeneca paid $5.5 million in damages in 2016 for bribing doctors in China and Russia. The company had been accused of making improper payments to health care providers in Russia and China, according to a cease-and-desist order released by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. They were bribing officials to influence them into purchasing drugs produced by AZ. 

Scandal involving the drug Seroquel, an antipsychotic used to treat bipolar and schizophrenia. A 2002 study found that the results of children taking Seroquel for bipolar disorder were inconclusive.

It quickly became the go-to drug for this use, even though it was not officially approved for use in children.

Later it was found that Seroquel could cause harmful effects in children and that AstraZeneca had covered up this evidence. Company emails prove that the company knew about the effects and were actively burying them. The researcher from the 2002 study was also later found to have taken consulting fees from AstraZeneca, seen as kickbacks. Ultimately AstraZeneca had to pay millions of dollars in fines for marketing Seroquel for off-label uses.”

There are numerous other examples of them doing the same shit with various other drugs:



Some wild theories point to the fact that AstraZeneca vaccine trials took place in Brazil, UK & South Africa now these testing grounds have spawned their own unique variants. Also another interesting location to look at is Liverpool has just declared it has spawned it’s own variant coming out of Liverpool’s women’s hospital. Liverpool was one of the mass testing grounds and one of the first places to get the jab. 


A recent Harvard study predicted less than 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported.


Some research to runtutter through to help you make your mind on whether this vaccine is for you. 

At least one (Brazilian man) died during the initial trials. They halted the trial for a few days, but we were quickly told he was in the placebo group, so testing continued. Based on their past would you take them for their word?


The 128 deaths so far are not mentioned in the possible side effects, yet it is present on the UK government’s Yellow Card reporting system:


 AstraZeneca is exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries:


Italy vs Australia Fargery

Just like in the 2006 World Cup Italy has taken a dive against Australia in blocking the next shipment of the Astrazeneca vaccine. It turns out that the Astrazeneca jab is very efficient and the Italians want to keep in for themselves as they are actually having deaths unlike Australia. So, then comes in the big chungus boys of the EU backing up Italy’s decision and Scomo to shit his pants again.

Australia has asked the European Commission to review its decision to block a shipment of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine and Japan is investigating the matter, as countries importing EU-made shots fear a potential impact on supplies. The EU executive backed Italy’s decision to block a shipment of 250,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia, several European officials said, in the first refusal of an export request since a mechanism to monitor vaccine flows was established in late January. Millions of AstraZeneca doses have been put into storage across Europe because some citizens are refusing to take them.

Italy has received about 1.5 million doses of the AstraZeneca jab but only administered about 350,000.


Maybe Italy is doing us a favour?

The Italian drug agency (AIFA) has published the information leaflet of Astrazeneca’s Covid vaccine, the administration of which should be reserved for the population aged between 18 and 55. The leaflet states that the vaccine is not recommended for children under the age of 18.

One dose contains chimpanzee adenovirus modified with recombinant DNA technology to encode SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein. It uses a Shitty Chimp Adenovirus vector that actually does put DNA into your cells. “Vector Vaccine”



Australia is proud to say that they are on top of their covid tracking. Well, of course if the government has invested billions of dollars to do so. Australia has a strict process where everywhere you go need to scan in via a QR code. Now, this is a government app where all businesses are supposed to comply and have and heavy fines will be taken into account if they don’t, so what we have here is a big chungus power grid where the government is connecting and tracking our every move, all in the name of Covid.   


Now it is just announced that in Australia this QR code is getting a payment system (supported by EFTPOS) where it will track us even more than what is happening at the moment. The idea is that a user can integrate their card details into a digital wallet. Customers can then scan a merchant’s unique QR code that will capture the transaction details from the wallet on their device and initiate a secure digital payment. This system should be ready by 2022.


At least we aren’t getting the new technological fad they are introducing in the UK, the social distancing beeper, where if you come into a life threatening distance to someone a beep would be made just in time to save each others lives, like a dog collars like the animals we are.


Look at the shit Israel has started to roll out. So called “Freedom Bracelets” it is a tracking device worn on your wrist as opposed to serving your two week quarantine in a “hotel” for anyone entering the country from abroad. It’s being manufactured by SuperCom, who have previously worked with multiple governments on systems to track and trace prisoners. 

The development comes at the same time as a court ruling demanding that the country’s domestic spy agency the Shin Bet must back off Covid-19 contact-tracing surveillance.

The court ruled that the efforts are “draconian” and a threat to democracy in the country, and can only be used in emergencies. Israel is also operating a two tier society where those who have been vaccinated have a ‘green pass’ to go where they want, and those who haven’t must stay under lockdown.


Bait & Switch: NHS Tracking COVID App to be Used for New Vaccine Passport


The UK will use their COVID tracing app to implement a COVID passport

imagine not being able to travel in the future just because you didn’t get this vaccine

Recently the Australian Government has set up a covid police task force, their whole purpose is to push the vaccine and dispel any doubt/propaganda about it. The police task force is apparently tracking anti vaxxers, monitoring their communication online as they are an alleged threat that may want to destroy vaccine doses.