Episode 46

Human-Animal Hybrids


When discussing the works of the human animal hybrids, we aren’t exactly talking about mythology or ancient beliefs of hindu gods or Egypt where the head is a bird and the body is a human as these are depicted as they are half and half like goat legged and shit like that, which is entirely up to you what you want to believe. However, we are going to decipher the scientific experiments going on with mixing DNA of humans and animals, but what exactly is the use of purpose and why it is such a big situation.

A genetic chimerism or chimera is an organism, organ, or part consisting of two or more tissues of different genetic composition, produced as a result of organ transplant, grafting, or genetic engineering.

Although this concept seems far fetched it is actually prevalent in modern life and ranges from fruit you can find at your local supermarket (Clementine a cross between a mandarin and an orange) or the boysenberry (a cross between the raspberry, blackberry, dewberry and loganberry) to exotic animals you might find at the zoo such as the Liger, Tigon, Zonkey, Geep etc.

This shit gets interesting when we look further into the topic of Human-Animal Hybrids or cross species chimerism. You see the human psyche has an easier time accepting hybrids between fruit and flowers even animals since it can happen naturally in a sense (through grafting different plants together or through animals cross breeding). When we start playing “God” and artificially force the hand of natural law most of us feel a bit uneasy about the whole process.

Britain has started to create hybrids of animals and humans, King’s College, the university of Newcastle and warwick university have conducted experiments with human/animal embryos. with the purpose of finding cures to various diseases such as parkinsons. According to intel, more than 155 hybrids have been created in the last three years. They proclaim that although this may sounds cruel and grotesque, these experiments are essential for the development of stem cells. 


Human-animal hybrids are set to be developed at the University of Tokyo after the Japanese government recently lifted a ban on the controversial stem-cell research.

Hiromitsu Nakauchi—director of the Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Tokyo and team leader at Stanford’s Nakauchi Lab—is the first to receive approval for the questionable experiments which will attempt to grow human cells in rat and mouse embryos before being brought to term in a surrogate animal.

Despite many feeling that such studies are the equivalent of playing God, scientists say that the objective is far from sinister. It’s theorized that developing animals with organs constructed from human cells will create organs that can then be used for transplants in humans, cutting the long organ donation waitlists.

Scientists in Japan have been allowed to research the hybrid embryos for some time but were restricted from going past a 14-day growth period. However, in March that policy changed when Japan’s education and science ministry announced that such creations could now be brought to full term.

Multiple countries around the world have lifted any sanctions/bans that prevented them from experimenting with human/animal hybrids



In a nutshell the key reasoning and scientific explanation for this is to breed these hybrids, to carry human organs in an animal-human body to rely on the organs and to have them in storage for Henry Kissinger’s next heart operation. So we know the why, but the argument then subjects to the how. How is it this experiment going to play out? Let’s say a pig is harvesting a liver, the liver gets to a point where it’s developed and safe to move to a lab. I guess we got to kill the pig to get the liver. But look there is a waste for a pig now. I got an idea, let me sell it to Macca’s so they can use it for their bacon and egg mcmuffin. But that leads to the question, am I eating human or pork? 


Okay that’s a bit too much down the rabbit hole but there should be a bioethics board that can simply put a hold on these experiments. While laws against the creation of hybrid beings have been proposed in U.S. states and in the U.S. Congress, several scientists have argued that legal barriers might go too far and prohibit medically beneficial studies into human modification. Although the two topics are not strictly related, the debates involving the creation of human-animal hybrids have paralleled that of the debates around the stem-cell research controversy. So, we can see here that the bioethics board obviously doesn’t give a fuck because science is king.

When looking into potential ways science can be used to develop organs sounds more and more fucked up once reality starts to kick in. This comes all back to this whole GMO shit where these scientists play around with the natural substances for their own profit margin and unethical buzziness moves, because one damn sure thing is that KFC ain’t fkn chicken. Below is a link to some very interesting and fucked up hybrid experiments:

Some pinky and the brain shit going on 


DARPA Involvement

The strangest party that has a big involvement in human-animal hybrids is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. This group is primarily supposed to be working with the CIA and military for development of technology and weapons of mass destruction and shit like that. So, why are they interested in human animal hybrids? The answer is a strange project which involves creating ‘super soldiers’. This is done with a combination of technology and gene therapy of adding things like speedness of tiger and strength of a bear and limb developments of a lizard.

Interesting compilation of information: