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Dead man’s switch?

In the event of his death, certain things would be released to the police, on July 4, 2019. Epstein was ultimately arrested and charged on July 6, 2019


Isaac Kappy #unsealepstein

Kappy in Australia –
October 22nd Isaac flies to Australia spent some time with Fiona Barnett (An Australian ritual abuse and mind control survivor ) outspoken about her beliefs.–candy-girl,8248


Seth Green Twitter post


Sarah Ruth Ashcroft accused Tom Hanks of raping her when she was 13/ Isaac brought light to this situation. 

This image was posted exactly 40 days prior to Isaac’s death
It would be 40 days later (the duration of suffering in the bible) that Isaac Kappy would throw himself off the Transwestern overpass onto Route 66 and then get run over by a Ford F150 (roadkill). Note the round cap with the letter “P” on it in the bottom of the photo. cap-P or Kappy.


During final periscope

Blink twice: (

Man heard saying STOP to dog (

Some amazing resources with a plethora of information.