Operation Paperclip


Quick recap on the events of WW2:

Starting in 1939, the Allied forces – mainly Britain, Russia, and the USA – sought to stop Nazi Germany in its conquest for European domination. By 1945, Western Europe had been rampaged, an entire race of people had come close to eradication

Having been appointed to Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Adolf Hitler led the Nazi party with an ideology of racial superiority, nationalism, and destruction of all who opposed them. The aftermath of WW1 – specifically, the Treaty of Versailles – meant that Germany was limited in what it could do on a diplomatic stage, and during the 1930s, the Nazis broke a series of rules that had been laid down in 1919. This caused the Allied countries to become concerned, and when the Nazis invaded Poland in September 1939, France and Britain declared war on Germany.

What followed was six years of turmoil. One of Hitler’s key aims as Fuhrer of Germany was the destruction of the Jewish race, and even before the war began the Nazis had implemented a number of laws which discriminated against the Jews. Things became gradually worse, with the Nazis establishing Jewish ghettos in Poland in 1940, and the concentration camps 1942.

Shit turned south for Hitler, D-Day resulted in the liberation of Paris, and allowed the Allied forces to close in around Germany. By 1944, the Nazi attack on the Soviet Union was proving unsuccessful, and the Soviets were bringing the Eastern front closer to Germany. By May 1945, Hitler had committed suicide, and the Nazi regime had collapsed. Japan surrendered in August 1945, and the Allied forces had achieved victory. All territory that had been claimed by Germany was split between the Western and Eastern Allied countries, and Germany itself was divided likewise. Approximately 73 million people are thought to have died during the conflict, and the economic repercussions were felt across the participating countries for decades after peace was declared.


The Second World War came to an end in 1945, and shortly after the catastrophic war,  the allied intelligence agencies launched a concerted treasure hunt for German military and scientific inventions, including rocket and jet-engine technology, the plan involved the recruitment of Nazi scientists in the U.S. Intelligence Services under “operation paperclip”. 

The technical achievement of Germany was worth praising and it astounded the Allied scientific intelligence experts.

The inventions in Nazi laboratories, workshops and factories included the  Supersonic rockets, nerve gas, jet aircraft, guided missiles, stealth technology and hardened armour. The U.S. War Department’s Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) in particular scored a victory with a hidden operation that was known as Project Paperclip, headed by then U.S. President Harry Truman in September 1945.

President Truman had publicly forbidden the recruitment of anyone who was a member of the Nazi party or was more than a nominal participant in its activities, thus rendering many of the scientists ineligible. To circumvent this restriction, the files of such recruits were altered by the government, and the only evidence of their Nazi past was in the form of the paperclip that had attached their original files to those being whitewashed.

Most of the Nazi’s entered USA via Argentina as there was a truce between Spain, Italy, Germany and Argentina as the leader at the time, Juan Domingo Perod wanted to help the Nazis as they were being ostracized from society so he welcomed them to Argentina.

Some of the Nazi scientists who were recruited:

  • Arthur Rudolph: Director of the Mittelwerk factory at Dora-Nordhausen concentration camp, where 20,000 slave laborers died. Was described in Allied files as “100% Nazi, dangerous type, security threat, suggest internment.”

As mentioned previously, his records were scrubbed clean, nothing indicating that he was ever a war criminal or a
Nazi. Later became a U.S citizen and designed the rocket that was used in the Apollo Project moon landings. 

  • Ludwig Roth(olomous): was the head of the Peenemünde Future Projects Office which designed the Wasserfall and created advanced rocket designs such as the A9/A10 ICBM. Roth arrived in New York under Operation Paperclip on November 16, 1945 via the SS Argentina and served at Fort Bliss and Huntsville, Alabama. His son Axel Roth went on to work for NASA as an engineer, and ended his career as Associate Director of Marshall Space Flight Center. His son Volker worked for Boeing as Space Lab Design Manager. His grandson Karl Roth currently works for COLSA Corporation supporting International Space Station Payload Ground System Integration.
  • Werner von Braun: We’ve discussed him previously, was the technical director of rocket research and developed the V-2 rocket. Later worked on guided missiles for the U.S. Army and served as director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre. Also served as an associate director of NASA in the 1970s. Von Braun wasn’t just a Nazi, he was also a major in the SS. 
  • Hermann Becker-Freysing:  Due to his inhumane activities, he was convicted and later sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

He was indulged in conducting experiments on Dachau inmates, including force-feeding of seawater that was chemically treated to make it “drinkable.”

Even before his trial Becker-Freysing was paid by the U.S. Air Force to report on his sadistic experiments.

  • Kurt Blome: Admitted to experimenting on concentration-camp inmates with plague bacilli. He was convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg in 1947. After two months of his acquittal, Blome was in Maryland, consulting with the U.S. military on germ warfare. The U.S. Army Chemical Corps hired him in 1951 to continue his work. 
  • Walter Schreiber: He was a Nazi major general who made funds available for doctors to experiment on concentration camp prisoners for inhumane experiments. The dog resurfaces at the AIr Force School of Medicine in Texas. After his crimes were revealed in 1952 by a journalist the U.S. government arranged passage for Walter to join his daughter in Argentina. 

Names of all these nazi scientists were cleared from the active involvement in Hitler’s genocidal regime.

More than 750 Nazi scientists were granted US citizenship by 1955.

It is also believed by many that the postwar scientific looting of Germany by the United States also included secrets concerning UFOs. Following the discovery of flying discs, particle/laser beam weaponry in German military bases, the War Department decided that NASA and the CIA must control this technology, and the Nazi engineers that had worked on this technology.

Post NASA Projects

Further controversy arose in the mid-1970s, when over 20,000 CIA documents became public, detailing covert attempts to develop psychological, biological, chemical, and even radiological procedures to turn both foreign and domestic spies into sleeper agents. During the early stages of the Cold War, the CIA were convinced that communist regimes had discovered drugs and techniques that enabled them to control human minds for intelligence purposes. In response, MK-ULTRA was established, a highly classified project in which the CIA conducted clandestine experiments, sometimes on unwitting subjects, to assess the potential of LSD and other drugs in mind control techniques that could subsequently be used against enemies.

As a matter of fact, MK-ULTRA was a continuation of work that had begun in Nazi concentration camps, which explains why the CIA specifically used Operation Paperclip to recruit the scientists for the project. The main contributors were Walter Schreiber, former Surgeon-General of the Third Reich, and Kurt Blome, leader of the Nazi programme to weaponise Bubonic Plague.

Project Monarch is a sub-project of MK-ULTRA combining occult rituals, psychology, and neuroscience to create alter egos within desired subjects. Under Project Monarch, victims, usually young children, are subjected to intense trauma to the point that their minds disassociate from the experience, causing a form of multiple personality disorder, known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Monarch handlers are subsequently able to mould these disassociated minds into new and controllable personalities.

The desire for scientific superiority at all costs, demonstrated by ‘Operation Paperclip’, represents the rapidly spinning moral compass of the United States government and intelligence agencies, in turn raising questions regarding national honour and security.Perhaps even more concerning is that the scientists placed on a pedestal, are not only celebrated in contemporary propaganda, but also play a key part in the revival of support for fascist and National Socialist ideologies.


Crazy Nikolas Tesla / Nazi connection 

Allegedly Tesla was tricked by two former ex-Nazi SS commandos into revealing the full details of his most important discoveries, after doing so Tesla was suffocated by Otto Korzeny on January 6, 1943. After doing so they stole the contents of Tesla’s safe which were then delivered to Hitler. (Which was later repatriated by the US military through Project Paperclip)

Operation Overcast?

Many of them were brought to the U.S. under a project that was authorized just days before the Life magazine issue appeared. It first was known as Operation Overcast, but later was changed to Operation Paperclip. Source Here

Before it was called Operation Paperclip it was known as Operation Overcast. Words matter there seems to be more meaning to what it was previously called compared to what we now know it. These words seem to suggest something other than what was actually happening. 

So the ex Nazis went to Dayton Ohio, which also happens to be:

Home to Project Blue Book, ground zero for government investigation of UFOs from 1951 to 1969, Wright Field (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) outside Dayton, Ohio, ranks up there alongside Area 51 as a subject of enduring speculation. Source Here

In July 1947, people believed they saw an unidentified flying object crash near Roswell, New Mexico. Within days, all items from that incident were confiscated by the U.S. military and are believed to be in permanent storage in Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Source Here