Spirit cooking by Marina Abramovich which was started by Alistair Crowley. A book was written for recipes used which trigger as an aphrodisiac. 


Spirit cooking dinner parties (by doing it as an art show it is not as powerful however if it is done as a dinner party with a minimum of 10 people it is considered an occult satanic ritual)


Spirit Cooking Gala Dinner hosted by Marina Abramovic in Hollywood


By coincidence Marina Abramovich was promoting hologram lens for Microsoft


Gordon’s Pickle Jar (owners Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain) had a photo of Obama and Bourdain in a veitnamese restaurant where the “no smoking sign” (in vietnamese) actually was a code word which involved BH Kids Pedo Site.


2 different hashtags where the above is used by models or even prostitution as it is used for sexual innuendo and a frequent commentor was Crazy Pants commenting on childrens pics. 

Voodoo Donuts

PandaHead Magazine close friend of James Alefantis have filmed a film called Cvlt Panda where it fronts as a lucefirian death cult as the Panda symbolizes a skull. Also, owner of Panda Head Magazine (Morgan Hungford West) is the global brand director for Line Hotel which the co-founder Ron Burkle (Billionaire Lobbyist) who is close friend of Epstein, Clinton & MJ. Morgan Hungfords boyfriend (Mitchell West) was a member of Loud Boyz, who frequently played at Comet Ping Pong and his instagram has photos of pentagrams, satanic symbols & photos of group outings with the owner’s of Gordy’s Pickle Jar.