Episode 51

Aliens and recent UFO sightings


Extraterrestrial refers to any item or being beyond (extra-) the planet Earth (terrestrial). It is derived from the Latin words extra (“outside”, “outwards”) and terrestris (“earthly”, “of or referring to the Earth”). It can be abbreviated as “E.T.”

When one mentions aliens they automatically think about a slimy green creature, when truth be told it is just something that is out from this area, like an outsider or a foreigner. Over the years various leaders have expressed their thoughts of extraterrestrials, but the question is who are talking about and where are they now.

Government’s Hiding Aliens

At the helm of all the theories there is of course the fact that various governments around the world are hiding documents regarding possible alien threats or just information related to. As we have mentioned in a previous episode regarding project blue beam as a possible event to fake an alien invasion via the UN, there are however, some theories that this supposed plan isn’t officially over and that it is a matter of waiting for the right time.

One source of a former head of Israel’s space program stated recently “The aliens have asked not to announce that they are here [because] humanity is not ready yet,” Haim Eshed told Israeli paper Yedioth Aharonoth, according to the Jewish Press. He also stated that President Trump was going to disclose information however the ‘aliens’ felt that it would have caused mass hysteria especially during the time of a pandemic.


Just to quickly  touch on project blue beam real quick which were steps into announcing a possible ‘saviour’ to put an end to the chaos regarding the fake alien invasion which would be none other than the Anti-Christ, the Vatican are another party who seem to be playing a role as well in regards to two aspects, 1) hiding possible information and 2) trying to promote to the public to not fear the possibility of alien life and to prepare yourself.

Also, Former NASA astronaut ‘claims the Pope knows aliens exist and want to help humans but a space war is imminent’ An email apparently released by WikiLeaks has revealed ex-spaceman Edgar Mitchell wrote to American politician John Podesta, to tell him the Vatican knows extraterrestrials exist and want to share “zero point energy” with us. Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, also told Podesta a space war is imminent and said: “Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk”.


A few months ago a film was released stating that with the rise of UFO sightings and ‘alien invasion’ will be imminent and that it is constantly being shadowed by government cover ups. Steven Greer is the ufologist involved in the project.


We’re currently in a strange time, the vast majority of the population is in fear over a pandemic that has garnered non stop media attention and plagued various news outlets for over a year now, however there may be some news stories that have been slipping under the radar. Media outlets have uncharacteristically been covering various UFO “sightings” in tandem various governments around the world have also come out and confirmed sightings to be in fact real.

The Pentagon’s UAP Task Force


 In June 2020, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence unveiled the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) at the Office of Naval Intelligence—a successor to the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

On August 4, 2020, the Pentagon announced the establishment of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF). This followed Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Marco Rubio´s June 17 report, which was attached to the Senate Intelligence Authorization Act for 2021. Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist approved the establishment of the multi-agency UAPTF, which is to be led by the Navy under the “cognizance” of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (OUSDI). The task force was created to “[improve] understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UAP,” with the mission “to detect, analyze and catalog UAP that could potentially pose a threat to US national security.” Presumably, “UAP” refers to the same craft that the military, FBI, CIA, DIA, and others have been detecting and analyzing for the past seven decades. 

Pictures and video show Unidentified Flying Objects moving above U.S. Navy warships

This was put forward at the start of April. 

The UAP Task Force (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)  has been gathering evidence for a comprehensive report for Congress which is due in June that includes photographs and videos of UFO encounters with U.S. military assets, including Navy destroyers off the southern California coast.

Part of the report is to educate other military and intelligence officials about the nature of the UFO mystery.

The new images were gathered by the Task Force and obtained by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who confirmed their authenticity. Mystery Wire has independently confirmed that the visual materials are included in the briefing presentation prepared by the UAP Task Force.

Several U.S. warships based in San Diego were repeatedly buzzed by unknown aerial intruders. Stories of strange encounters bubbled to the surface last summer, initially focused on the USS Kidd Navy destroyer.

A month ago, more documentation surfaced in the form of ships logs, which confirmed that aerial intruders were seen by crews aboard multiple warships in restricted waters off the coast of southern California. 

The objects were described as drones. But there was not any description where they came from or who might be controlling them.

Tucker Carlson discussing the video in question:

Wilileaks Document Suggest That Wernher Von Braun Tried to Warn Us About a Fake Alien Invasion

Dr Wernher Von Braun  was a Nazi rocket scientist that was later recruited by the US and worked as a high-level NASA aeronautical engineer during the 1960’s and early 70’s. One of Von Braun’s mentors, a founding father of rocketry and astronautics, Herman Oberth said, “It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. I think that they possibly are manned by intelligent observers who are members of a race that may have been investigating our Earth for centuries.”

Dr Wernher Von Braun confided in his student on his deathbed that aliens would be the final card in weaponizing space, and that it would all be a lie. He stated that in order to justify “space weapons” -first the Russians are going to be considered the enemy… then terrorists would be identified… then we were going to identify third world crazies… The next enemy was asteroids… [and] against asteroids we’re going to build space based weapons.”

 And the funniest one of all was against what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final card.

We’re going to have to build space based weapons against aliens.’ And all of it, he said, is a lie.”

 Is there a possibility that powerful groups that control governments will use the extraterrestrial phenomenon to deceive the masses? Given everything we’ve seen with false flag terrorism so far, it certainly seems plausible.

Weaponise space to control earth from the stars? Could be a possibility. 


As you’ve probably already heard, a while ago Wikileaks released the Podesta emails . As with previous leaks, they expose massive amounts of corruption within the U.S. political system.

Some of the Podesta leaks include information about UFOs and extraterrestrials in the form of private emails.

One in particular was from Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and it reads as follows:

Dear John,

Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk. Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. 

They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.

The following information in italics was shared with me by my colleague Carol Rosin, who worked closely for several years with Wernher von Braun before his death.

Carol and I have worked on the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, attached for your convenience.

In the email, he mentions Carol Rosin, who was the first female corporate manager of Fairchild Industries. A space and missile defence consultant who has worked with various corporations, government departments, and intelligence communities, she worked closely with Wernher Von Braun shortly before his death, specifically on the subject of space-based weapons. She also founded the Institute for Security Cooperation in Outer Space.

Former Military Intelligence Official Says Government Preparing for Huge UFO

The government could release evidence and reports about unidentified aerial phenomena as soon as this June, according to a Pentagon whistleblower.

Luis Elizondo, who ran the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, a now-shuttered initiative to study and explain unidentified flying objects or phenomena, told the New York Post that the government is planning to release documentation of the “reality” of UFOs. The upcoming report, which has garnered a great deal of media attention, is expected to reveal what the military knows about unexplained aircraft spotted around its installations 

UFOs Have Disabled America’s Nuclear Weapons, Claims Former US Intelligence Officer

Former US intelligence officer Luis Elizondo claims that America’s nuclear weapons have been disabled by UFOs and sent out a warning that countries such as China and Russia have control over the alien technology.

Elizondo rang warning bells fearing that other countries could strike the heart of US anytime with the help of their “foreign adversarial technology,” hinting the countries have a secret pact with aliens.

He stated that there’s an extraterrestrial observation occurring on our planet and the powers are specifically targeting only the nuclear capabilities of the US, raising suspicions that other countries might be involved and equipped with alien technology.

Elizondo revealed that his team had found ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ (UAP) surrounding the nuclear weapons, and unknown technologies, which he claims to be UFO powers, targeted US nuclear technology and disabled it.

Robert Hastings book ‘ufo’s and nukes’ is a very well structured account of hundreds of UFO interactions with military bases that store nukes and minuteman silo’s from 1950’s to 2000’s. The sheer volume of retired military service men giving credibility to limited amounts of official reports just shows how much goes on and how little is reported.