6th January


We can all agree that the constitution governs the united states and is the backbone and framework. The constitution is very clear, state legislatures make the rules about how elections run in their states, not the governor not the secretary of state but the state legislature sets those rules in place for the elections. So when you have states like Pennsylvania, Georgia and some of the others leading up to the election saying let’s keep counting votes after election day they contravened the actual law and unconstitutional ran the election. 


So what’s Mike Pence’s role in all this? Well he is the Vice President of the United States which means he is also the president of the senate, and he and he alone is the only one who is incharge of counting up the votes on jan 6th, so if he wanted to he could say I  am going to take constitutionally conducted electors from states that ran constitutional and elections and subtract from the count the unconstitutional run elections like Georgia/Pennsylvania/Michigan. If that were to happen we would have 222 Biden vote selectors vs 232 Trump vote selections. 


Neither one would hit majority which is 270 so the 12th amendment would get triggered and under the 12 amendment we have more republican states than democrat states, every state gets one vote you don’t have all the congress people votings its just one vote per state so that would mean the election would go to Trump, the supreme court could challenge this but of course the supreme court take their sweet ass time with this shit and they usually don’t like to get involved in such affairs. 




US election data was forwarded from Frankfurt, Germany to Rome, where operatives there led an operation to build an algorithm that was used to manipulate US election data.  All this data is being brought forward by Patrick Byrne who is a tech entrepreneur (funded private cyber security teams to monitor the 2020 election) This report alleges that US election data was altered then sent through an italian military satellite operation operated by Leonardo ( one of the worlds largest defence contractors in the world majority shareholder is the Italian government)

Audio clips online of former CIA senior operations officer Brad Johnson discussing this operation of an alleged U,S hack

During the election vote counting stopped, this was the point where Rome swung their dick by receiving the ata from Frankfurt in order to recalibrate the hacking attack to deliver the Biden victory.

The CEO of Leonardo William J Lynn previously served the Obama/Biden administration as Deputy Secretary of Defence & led the department’s efforts in cyber security and space strategy. 

Obama and renzi (Former prime minister of Italy) orchestrated the theft of the US election from President Trump. Stephan Serafini coordinated with General Claudio Graziano (a board member of Leonardo aerospace).

Photos of the alleged individuals involved in building the algorithms for the data manipulation were leaked, apparently they were being surveillanced by Italian intelligence after suspiciously entering Rome. 

 Italian intelligence provided the/documents, class photos of the CIA agents involved in the event. the operatives involved in Italy started to panic, the person who did the “uploading” was arrested for safekeeping and another put under house arrest they were being accused of hacking for other reasons. 

Apparently in 2017 Obama took $400 mill in cash, 14 pallets of cash to be exact and that money was transferred over to different accounts. Allegedly all this cash was tracked. 



Thanks to a new whistleblower testimony a new connection has come to light in the Seth Rich scandal, JOSEPH ROSATI (is a DEA agent, considered a “cleaner” by the higher ups in Washington D.C) Apparently Joseph Rosati hired two MS-13 agents to perform a shake down on Seth Rich that night the intention wasn’t to murder Rich but to scare him into handing over the USB he was carrying on him. 

Apparently however Seth Rich apparently fought back and wound up getting shot. Rosati was supposedly on scene watching over the shake down, he would then take the USB once Rich was shot and fled the scene. Shortly after two MS-13 members would turn up dead. 


Currently there is a testimony under seal in the Discrict court of Maryland


Whistleblower says Rosenstein was behind it all and would go on to shelter Roasti whenever he deemed necessary.  But behind Rosenstein there are a group of men brought together dead set on undermining Trump. They saw Pence as more deserving and wanted to bring Trump down as Mike Pence was someone he could work with. 


So according to the whistleblower Rosenstein, together with Pence’s knowledge and consent went on to help engineer the entire coup attempt against President trump and promote Pence to presidency at which point Pence would appoint Rod Rosenstein as VP.