Global Pandemic Update

Latest news of covid in Australia 

NSW cases climbing each day with particular areas in lockdown

QLD & WA are pushing forward for quarantine camps rather than hotel quarantine

MEL are coming out of lockdown even though there are still cases creeping around

OPERATION COVID SHIELD which involves control of he army

Astrazenecca vaccine to be phased out by October

Latest news of covid around the world

Delta variant has a new mutation called the delta plus

Europe and USA opening up but only to the vaccinated

Japan just got out of lockdown (coincidently as Olympics are starting)

South-East Asia is currently coping the covid fargery at the moment

John McAfee

John McAfee was a British American computer programmer known for creating the first commercial anti-virus software, he founded McAfee Associates to sell his creation, he resigned and sold his remaining stake in the company in 1994. His wealth peaked at around $100 million but later hit the backslide during the financial crisis of 2007-08. He lived in Belize for a few years before fleeing back to the United States in 2013 after he was wanted for questioning in regards to a suspicion of murder. 

McAfee was also a political activist. He unsuccessfully sought the Libertarian Party nomination for president of the United States in 2016 and 2020.

In October 2020, McAfee was arrested in Spain over U.S. tax evasion charges. U.S. federal prosecutors brought criminal and civil charges alleging McAfee failed to pay income taxes over a four-year period. On 23 June 2021, he was found dead, due to alleged suicide by hanging, in a prison cell near Barcelona, shortly after his extradition to the U.S. was authorized by a Spanish court.

Now did John kill himself? Possibly but it’s also possible he copped the Epstein treatment. Refer to the following tweets from the man himself: 

Why would they kill a man just for avoiding his tax payments? Makes no sense right? Well if we dive deeper into the charismatic fuckboi known as Mr McAfee we can find some egregious comments he made.

“I donated to many secretaries within the government, laptop computers, really nice ones, that were preloaded with viral spyware. Within a week the entire government computer system was under my control. I was watching, monitoring, listening. I was looking for information that they had set me up for that raid (he was raided before this for no apparent reason, no arrest was made, just damaged/stole his equipment). I didn’t find it, but I did find out that the minister of national defence was the largest drug trafficker in all of central America, the minister of immigration, the largest human trafficker.” (Referring to the Belizean Government)



Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell & Myanalguy attended court to address the dominion voting system

Rudy Giuliani lost his law license

Arizona election results

Derek Chauvin 22.5years imprisonment 

Ghislaine Maxwell

Bill Gates

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Make a wish will only grant a “wish” to terminally ill children who are vaccinated